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Last Week of Introductory Pricing of Gullfoss

Gullfoss available at half price until April 30, 2018

Soundtheory has enjoyed a successful launch period with Gullfoss, their groundbreaking new intelligent EQ plug-in. The company announces that it will end its early release program at midnight on April 30, 2018. This is the last chance for musicians, engineers and producers to purchase the Mac plug-in for $99 before the regular price of $199 (or EUR159 and £139) goes into effect on May 1.

The early release phase has allowed Soundtheory to maximize compatibility with as wide a range of hosts as possible, and at the same time enhance some core aspects of the product. The graphic performance of the visual equalization engine has been significantly improved, and extra features such as cursor display of frequency display and gain have been implemented.

Also starting on May 1st, every Gullfoss license will include two offline activations as well as three non-concurrent online activations. Early adopters who pay half-price will keep their online activations and receive two additional offline activations.

User comments on Facebook and in industry forums are testimonials to the success of this new approach to EQing:

What a game changer in my opinion ! I tested it on a few premasters and what a « wow » effect ! Eq seems very close to some masters made by a professional for me (or even better, more consistant). - Vincent Robin on Facebook

I absolutely love it! My favorite new plugin! - André Hansen on Facebook

This latest update is working fantastically, thanks so much for this amazing processor. Using multiple instances on every mix, saving much time.

- Mr XY on Gearslutz

What a revelatory plugin. Amazing work. - MaldenFilms on Gearslutz

Simply amazing plug-in. Purchased after a 10-minute demo, and it will be used on every future project. - Stonelark on Gearslutz

I purchased Gullfoss a week ago and I'm already using it daily in my pro-mixes and I have also tested it during mastering applications. My opinion is that it's not just a good plugin - it is a revolutionary plugin and time saver. - Arionas on Gearslutz

This plugin is just out of this world, groundbreaking distribution calculating miracle, that gives so much better results than anything could do in the past. I only dreamt something like this existed. Feels like cheating, but really superb work, guys. And yes, it is such a superb deesser that works so much better than anything else...and doesn't dull out the sound. It is a type of processor with only a few parameters, but soooo powerful and you can do anything with these few knobs and two filters. – Jantex on Gearslutz

To speak frankly I am surprised. I did not trust such an auto EQ. However, Gullfoss will help us in many ways. We can solve source problems in a way that we have never seen before. That allows engineers to concentrate on creative things. - Anteo on Gearslutz

Haven't been this excited about a plugin in a long time and it can do so many things though i tend to see it more useful for full mixes or bus work to balance things even better. - Sebastian N on Gearslutz

This is an exceptional plugin, I can't believe how well it managed to balance the mix I'm working on. Capable of opening a mix up and enhancing definition (if that's what you need) too. It only needs a light touch to work its magic. - BOSE on Gearslutz

Wow, this is...great. I snagged the demo a few nights ago, just to see what it was all about, and was pretty much stunned by what it fixed and how quickly it fixed it. I had some vocals that were...close but not quite sitting right and boom, some pretty mild settings just slammed those into place. - NULLDEVICE on Gearslutz

Looking forward, Soundtheory is working to implement a Windows version of Gullfoss, scheduled to be available later this year.

Price and Availability:

To purchase for $99 until April 30 and for $199 starting May 1, please go to

Gullfoss compatibility:

Currently for Mac OSX 10.9+ with hosts supporting 64bit plugins for AU,


About Soundtheory:

Soundtheory emerged from a long term research project in 2016 and is the brainchild of mathematical physicist Andreas Tell, who has been researching and working with sound for over 20 years, and Managing Director David Pringle. Soundtheory has developed exciting new and unique methods for realtime audio processing. Its highly advanced model of computational auditory perception opens up new possibilities of analyzing sound as perceived by human ears and of processing it without introducing any audible artefacts at all.

Gullfoss is the first in a line of products that employ Soundtheory’s technology and demonstrates that simplicity, innovative technology and incredible sound can work together in a product made for everyone who loves audio.

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