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iZotope Sets Future Product Focus

Dedicated to improving customer experience, company makes strategic moves to support both Music Production and Audio Post Production

Cambridge, MA - iZotope, Inc., a leading audio technology company, today announced its strategic decision to divide the current iZotope product line into two distinct families of products, one focused on Music Production and the other on Audio Post Production.

"Since 2001, iZotope has developed products to inspire musicians, producers, and audio engineers of all kinds," explains Mark Ethier, co-founder and CEO. "In recent years, more and more audio post production professionals have joined our community, with unique needs from the world of TV, film, and other media. To keep inspiring all of our customers, we know we need to address each world individually."

"If a company takes a 'one size fits all' approach to a product, the result is a tool that doesn't fit anyone particularly well," adds Alex Westner, Director of Product Strategy. "Our goal is to unlock creativity by providing the right tools at the right time. We want to make sure everyone's experience with an iZotope product is fluid and clear, without distractions like extra features or irrelevant settings. By designing our products to better align with the task at hand, we can help keep everyone in their creative zone, whether they're mastering a record or mixing for a film."

Brooklyn-based electronic group, Mister Barrington, relies on iZotope's music production tools to inspire their creative process. Pictured are Zach Danziger (left) and Owen Biddle

The Product Roadmap: Music and Post Production

Moving forward, the Music Production family is led by one of iZotope's flagship products, Ozone for mastering, and is complemented by products for mixing, vocals, and creative effects, like Alloy, Nectar, and Trash.

The Audio Post Production family spotlights iZotope's other flagship product, RX, the Emmy Award-winning audio repair and enhancement suite. Rounding out the family of Post tools are RX Final Mix for balancing mixes and submixes, and RX Loudness Control for ensuring loudness compliance with international loudness standards.

Fueled by customer outreach and a robust feedback loop, iZotope's product roadmap and engineering teams are rallied around these two disciplines. Major releases are planned for both product lines in the Fall of 2015, with more announcements coming soon.

iZotope's RX suite provides must-have tools for audio post production at Belgium's Galaxy Studios. Pictured are Gareth Llewellyn (left) and Cis Cuypers

Ongoing Initiatives: Research and Education

Alongside development of studio software, iZotope continues to keep busy in its innovation labs, incubating bleeding edge audio technology for future release. Most recently, iZotope released a new iPhone app, Spire, designed to bring a better mobile recording experience to performing musicians, even those who may not yet be familiar with audio editing software.

iZotope also remains committed to providing world-class audio education. On the heels of a successful Mastering Month in July, which featured a multi-faceted online Mastering Series and an exclusive, onsite Mastering Academy, plans for even more learning materials and experiences are in active development.

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About iZotope

iZotope makes innovative products that inspire and enable people to be creative. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, iZotope has spent over a decade developing award-winning products and audio technologies for professionals and hobbyists alike. Used by millions of people in over 50 countries, iZotope products are a core component of GRAMMY-winning music studios, Oscar and Emmy-winning film and TV post production studios, and prominent radio studios, as well as basement and bedroom studios across the globe. Through a robust licensing program, iZotope also powers products made by industry partners such as Adobe, Avid, Microsoft, and Sony. iZotope was recently honored with an Emmy® Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development for its flagship audio repair suite, RX®. For more information on iZotope products, please visit

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